Jesus draws near

On my way home from church last week, I thought about how I could purposefully include Jesus in my life.  I think about Him from time to time, but I was
feeling rather guilty that I can hear a sermon, and agree with it, but that I don’t always put it into practice. Do I not have enough faith?

Then, out of the blue, I saw in my head those two people in the Bible who were walking to Emmaus.

The setting:

Jesus had died on the cross, and it was the third day. The women and Peter and John had discovered Jesus’ body missing from the tomb. The disciples didn’t believe the women’s story, and Peter wondered what had happened. Clearly, they experienced something unbelievable, but lacked the faith to believe.

This same day, two people were walking on the road to Emmaus.They talked together about all that had happened: Jesus’ life, death, and of the crazy story of the women. As they talked, Jesus “drew near”  and went with them. (They didn’t know it was Jesus). They told Jesus they were sad because this Jesus fella was so awesome, and they had hoped He was the one who was going to redeem Israel. They mentioned the women’s cockamamy story. The three of them conversed, but Jesus did most of the talking, even taking the time to tell them all the old testament stories and predictions of His life and death. At dinner time, Jesus “took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then, their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, and He disappeared from their sight.”

I asked God, “OK- so what do You want me to learn from this story?”

“Well,” He said. “I draw near to you as you go about your day. I draw near to you even when you don’t believe what you read about Me in the Bible. Even when you don’t put in to practice what you’ve heard in the sermon. I draw near because I love you, and because I want you to know Me more and more.

imagesDon’t be so hard on yourself. The disciples didn’t believe the women’s story, Peter was doubtful despite seeing the empty tomb, and all of them knew Me personally. You have never actually seen me, and even though you read the Bible, go to church, pray etc, faith doesn’t come easy. I will always listen to you, and I will always point you toward Me, just as I did with those two who were going to Emmaus. You know that scripture verse, “Knock and the door will open. Seek and you will find.”  Well, sometimes I open the door without you knocking, and have you find Me even tho you’re not actively seeking Me, because I know you are human, and that you feel guilty sometimes, and that you don’t always put those sermons into practice. I do these things because I love you. Really.”

Lord, thanks for Your unending love. Thanks for drawing near to me. Thanks for Your encouragement.  Help me to encourage others who probably feel just like I do. You’re the best. I love You too!

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2 Responses to Jesus draws near

  1. says:

    Thanks Patty, I needed this today. I know He is with me. It just never seems to stop. Pray for us. Love you

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  2. Erin Lane says:

    I love this story. And I love the image of God opening the door sometimes without us even having to knock. Now that’s grace.

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