Tell me about your dream


          pasted-image           As usual, in a dream, you don’t always know where it started or where you are.

However, I was just aware that I was frantically looking for my husband, Bill. I was fearful and extremely desperate, running all around. I looked everywhere (wherever that was), and it felt like an eternity of searching. Then I saw the jet bridge (you know- that long boarding arm thing in airports) to my left and I ran down the ramp. It was the color of dusk in this tube, half full of nondescript people, but… there! I saw Bill- he was just about to board the plane. I yelled at the top of my lungs, “BILL!” He turned and looked at me, and immediately we hugged and kissed and I cried tears of joy. Then I woke up.

Bill was still sleeping, so I got up to take Lucy for her morning walk. When I got back, Bill was sitting on the front porch drinking his coffee. He said, “Well, I heard from God last night.”
“Yeah?” I said. “Tell me about it.”
“Well, I guess while I was sleeping, my heart literally stopped, and God, in a bellowing, booming voice yelled, ‘BILL!’, and an electrical charge in my chest jerked me out of my sleep.”
“Whoa- I guess God and I were both looking out for you,” and I told him my dream.

(By the way, Bill doesn’t have a defibrillator or pacemaker in his chest, just sayin’)

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1 Response to Tell me about your dream

  1. Erin Lane says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. You and Bill have a special connection.

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