Two Girls in Need

There highway signare times when things happen, that I know God’s hand is truly in on it, but others would say, “That’s just a coincidence,” or, “That was just a hunch you had.”

Whatever -I know it’s God. So here’s one:

Charlie, Erin, and I were on our way to The Vineyard Church in Milan, Michigan, one Sunday in 1999. Charlie was a senior in high school and Erin was a sophomore. The church was about a half hour away from where we lived at the time, and most of the drive was on the freeway. Just as we were getting off the exit ramp, the car in front of us hobbled to a stop, and pulled over on the burm.  I pulled up behind them, and one of my kids asked what I was doing. “They’re going to the Vineyard, and they’re having car trouble, so we’re gonna take ‘em there.” I had no clue who was in the car. Charlie said just because they have a Christian bumper sticker doesn’t mean that everyone on earth is going to the Vineyard, but I just knew they were. I get those knowings from time to time.

So, I walked up to the car, and this college aged girl rolled her window down, and I said, “Hey, my kids and I are going to the Vineyard. How about we give you a ride?” The girl was quite surprised that I somehow knew she and her friend were also going to the Vineyard. They went to college 80 minutes away, but they had made the long trip because they used to go to a Vineyard back home, and our church was the closest Vineyard to them. “What will we do about the car?” they asked.

“Well, someone from our church will help you fix it.” Our church was like that- people just pitch in and help whenever there is a need. So, the two girls got into our car, and we drove to the Vineyard. I asked Jesse, who was gonna make the announcements, to make an impromptu announcement that there are two girls whose car broke down near the freeway, and if anyone could help them out, to please meet them in the back of the church after the service. He made the announcement. The service was great (it always was), and after the service, two guys helped them get their car fixed.

I love it when God breaks through, and gets people together for more than what they ever anticipated. He’s like that, He is.

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