OK- so, I’m sitting on the john and I’m thinking of Jennie’s phone message. “Patty, could you leave me a message about what God told you last week? Something about ‘enough’.”

So, I’m trying to recall what He said, and I remember He said something like, “Tell Jennie she can’t ask me for enough.” And I wonder how to put it into descriptive words so that He gets His point across really well. And He starts to talk. “It’s like that phone conversation you just had with the Barnes and Noble person. You wanted her to see if the store had this book, ‘Love poems from God,’ but you were anxious that you’d go over your Verizon minutes because you don’t have an unlimited data plan, so you tell the lady to hurry because you don’t have too many minutes, but before she puts you on hold to go see if it’s on the shelf (upstairs, for goodness sake. she has to go upstairs, could it be any father from the phone) the lady gets huffy and tells you that you surely used up a lots of seconds asking her to not be gone too long and that you didn’t want to be on hold forever, so then you used up precious seconds now apologizing for being snippy even tho you didn’t want to be snippy, and she reminds you once again that as long as you are talking, she can’t be looking…..”

And God continues talking to me… “Be anxious for nothing. You will never run out of minutes on your data plan with Me. You can call Me anytime, anyplace. There are no roaming charges. The reception doesn’t sound staticky, and I will listen to you always. You can talk for hours on end. I am there for you at 3am. Sometimes Jennie might think she has come to Me one time too many. That she has asked for favor upon favor, that she has received enough from Me and she needs to cool it and let someone else get a chance. That she should be grateful for what I have given to her. Tell her to keep asking.  I love her voice, her laugh, her fears and pains. I love all of her. And I love giving Myself to her.”

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1 Response to Enough

  1. Erin Lane says:

    I can see this so clearly in my mind. So raw and well-written.

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