Short and snappy


The day after I gave the ride to the old lady and talked to the other lady at the hospital, I woke up, took the kids to school, came home and listened to Insight For Living, with Chuck Swindoll, and In Touch, with Charles Stanley. This was kind of my daily routine. These two radio programs really helped my walk with Jesus. I had a voracious appetite for the Word, so I’d read the Bible, and listen to these two programs, and then I’d be on fire for the Lord. It was a great time in my life.

OK. So after I listened to these two programs, I was about to leave the house to run errands. But right after I opened the front door to leave, I heard (in my head) “Wait.” It was the same voice I’d heard yesterday, and I knew it was God, but I have to admit, I was impatient with Him. I had errands to run, and a tight schedule before the kids came home from school. I thought, “Wait for what?” No answer. “Grrr.” I shut the door, and said, “Well, if I’m gonna wait, then I’ll make good use of this ‘waiting time’ and I’ll balance my checkbook.”

So I sat down at the dining room table and started to do my checks. Then the phone rang. I knew that’s what God had asked me to wait for. I can’t tell you how I knew it, but I knew! So, with great expectations, I said, “Hello.”

“Hello, Patty? It’s Trish (my sister-in-law). What are you doing?”

“Waiting for you to call.”

“Huh? How did you know I’d call?”

“Well, I didn’t know what I was waiting for, I just knew that as I was leaving the house, God told me to wait. So I did, and when the phone rang, I knew that’s why I was waiting.”

“Oh wow,” she said. “That’s awesome, because a few minutes ago, my boss really yelled at me, and I was pretty upset. I went back to my desk, and said to myself, ‘Oh God, what do I do?’ and then, I thought, I’ll call Patty.”

And I listened to what Trish had to say, and then I told her that God loved her so much that He had me be at home so she could talk to me. So, we prayed together, and Trish felt so much better. God is good!

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